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Nkhota kota is a small town on the central shores of Lake Malawi and is rougly located at latitude 13 degrees south of the equator and longitude 34 degrees east of greenwhich meridian. It is about 190 km from Lilongwe the capital of Malaw.  Nkhota kota is a historical site ranging from slave trade by the Arabs from Zanzibar through  Dr David Livingstone in late 1850s to Dr Kamuzu Banda era, the first president of the Republic of Malawi.

Nkhota kota is believed to be the  largest village in central Africa(Malawi,Zambia and Zimbabwe). The town has a lot to offer to tourists.Some of the interesting sites nearby are the  beautiful beaches, lagoons, a spit and a game reserve with more of elephants which  can easily be seen  in the afternoon near  Buwa  Bridge a few kilometers north of the town. The town also offers a getway to Likoma and Chizumulu islands on Lake Malawi on specific days when the ships dock at its port. Although the town is small, it has a unique place on the African continent and is a  must visit town.

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