Eating Out in Lilongwe

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The food scene in Lilongwe is a fascinating mix of robustly spiced local cuisine that comprises of rich Malawian gravies and delicious meat kabobs with bread and international gourmet delights, like Italian pasta, spicy Indian curries and fiery Chinese food. The best part of eating out in Lilongwe is that unlike other tourist destinations, this one offers huge portions at really humble prices. The budget traveler can have a truly hearty feast on a shoe string budget.


Tabaq is a modest eatery located in the old town area and whips up awesome Indian, Malawian and Chinese cuisine. The flavorsome curries served here are superb. Savor liberal portions at cheap prices.

Don Brioni’s

For a slightly mid-range dining option, head to Don Brioni’s Bistro located adjacent to the post office in the old town. The eatery serves good pizza, pasta and steaks and even has a daily special dish of the day. The prices range from $5 to $10 for a main course dish. The portions are again very large.

Bohemia Café

Bohemia Café, located a little further down from Don Brioni’s is great for a light lunch of fresh fruit juice and sandwiches. The hot beverages and pastries served as an accompaniment to them are a simply lip-smacking combination. A sandwich, tea and medium sized pastry cost a mere $ 5.

Korea Garden Lodge

For delectable Korean food, visit Korea Garden Lodge, a few meters away from Harry’s Bar.

Al Fresco

For fresh Italian pizza that is made with the choicest species and handpicked ingredients, Al Fresco in the new town quarter is a good bet.

Four Seasons

The four Seasons also in new town boasts of a lineup of bright restaurants serving an array of specialty cuisine. There are eateries serving pastas, salads, steaks, burgers and a range of other dishes are surprisingly inexpensive.

Mamma Mia

For a stylish wining and dining experience, the only place that comes to mind is Mamma Mia, a swanky Italian restaurant that is highly frequented by the tourist community. This is where visitors can feast on authentic Italian pasta and pizza along with some fine wine options and lip-smacking deserts. A full meal for two with a glass of wine should put you back by $ 40.  

Lilongwe, though not exactly a gastronomical destination, is a nice place to savor a string of regional and international flavors at humble prices. 

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