Masoala peninsula Travel Guide

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Masoala Peninsula is synonymous with spectacular bio-diversity, breathtak, beautiful rainforests, rich marine parks, and a lush ecology that fosters preservation of the most endangered species in the region. Here is information on the general features, activities and accommodation options of this topographically endowed land.


Masoala Peninsula is a flourishing reserve of diverse natural beauty and copious flora and fauna and is one of the well-conserved regions in Madagascar owing to its geographically gifted countenance. The Masoala National Park was established in the 1990’s as a boost to the region’s aggressive conversation plan and the charmingly desolate region can be accessed only by a boat today. The dense rainforest of Masoala makes it extremely arduous to spot the region’s wildlife, however the park houses some of the most striking indigenous creatures like the red-ruffed lemur, hedgehog, brown lemur, aye-aye and a host of other animal and bird species. The special attractions here are also the sinister chameleons and the Uroplatus geckos.

Menacing sharks inhabit a major portion of the Gulf of Antongil and the island is also a popular breeding ground for several rare insect species. The Masola National Park features a whopping 2,300 kilometers of expansive rainforests and more than 100 kilometers of marine parks that preserve majestic corals reefs and an assortment of other glistening marine wonders. The ecologically versatile Masoala, apart from nestling the famed rainforests, also house coastal forests, marshy lands, mangroves and flooded forests. The best time to visit the region is between September to December, when the climate is dry and pleasant.


Masoala Park has over 29 visitor’s zones that can be used for fishing, collecting fresh local produce and a range of other harvesting activities by locals and tourists. Wildlife spotting is centered on the marshy areas and mangroves. Masoala was incorporated in the United Nations’ World Heritage Site list due to its sheer biodiversity. Apart from the Masoala National Park, the peninsula has other reserves like Marojeya, Ranomafana, Andohahela, Zahamena, Andohahela and Andringitra, which are all stunning miniature versions of the main Masoala Park. Go angling, bird watching, hiking or on a guided rainforest trail. The prime hiking paths are Nosy Mangabe, Cap Est and Tampolo.


Masoala Peninsula has several private lodges and six park-run campsites centered on Nosy Mangabe, Ambatolaidama and the marine parks. Several villages in Masoala provide cheap guest rooms and modestly priced bungalows. There are some very good accommodations around Antalaha and Maroantsetra.

Masoala Peninsula is a region of abundant natural reserves and quaint villages that cohabit to offer a hearty touristy experience.

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