Daytrips in Antananarivo

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Antananarivo is a city that basks in the glory of its well-preserved cultural heritage and striking natural beauty. Here is some information on the best day trip ideas around Madagascar city.

Tsingy de Bermaraha

Tsingy de Bermaraha is a lush natural reserve and one of the best day trip options in the region. The topographically blessed park features stunning lime stone terrains that are the result of intense erosion. There are several gorges, limestone formations, potholes and a range of other diverse natural settings that provide a dramatic backdrop of awe-inspiring beauty. The range of wildlife species here is worth witnessing especially the endangered lemurs. Angling enthusiasts can get their fishing gear and perch themselves on the banks of the isolated lakes. Bird watching is also a popular tourist activity near the swampy mangrove regions and lakes of the park.

East Madagascar

Go Canoeing down the Manambolo River canyon for unrivalled excitement and adventure. Take a tour of the desolate East Madagascar and experience the tropical brilliance of the region with a stop to the Special Reserve of Lemurs. Visitors can also opt for guided tours of the Indris Reserve and custom built adventure tourism activities. The sprawling Special Reserve is the abode of several protected species of the region, like lemur fulvus and lemur katas.     

A Taste of Art

There are several long-winded and mysterious paths, which lead to the southern parts of the country and can be easily accessed as day trip options for tourists from Antananarivo. The region is best described as a startling permutation of Madagascar’s wildlife as well as artistic legacy. The tour takes visitors through the floral wonders of the region and acquaints them with the skill of making local handcrafts, pots and sculptures. This part of the country is also dotted with some of the finest gemstone stores.  

Nosy Be Beach

This is a picturesque island located a few kilometers away from Antananarivo and a favorite tourist spot for water sports activities and an idyllic beach holiday. Several cultural events are also held on the beach during the peak tourist season.

Antananarivo is located amidst innumerable getaways that allow visitors to sample the rich wildlife, cultural glory and artistic genius of Madagascar.  

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