Senior Travel in Antananarivo

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Antananarivo senior travel is for those seeking an enjoyable and relaxing vacation. This capital city of Madagascar is built on the summit and slopes of a long an narrow rocky ridge.

Antananarivo is served by Ivato Airport.

Petite Vitesse

Start the day with a visit to this food market which arouses great curiosity because of the hundreds of little benches upon which all sorts of tropical or European vegetables or fruits are displayed in geometric piles. Another very interesting section of Soarano market is the one dedicated  to medicinal plants. A long time ago, Malagasy people developed medicinal plants to cure most diseases.

There are several Zomas in the capital: Soarano-Camp Pochard (varied handicrafts), Andravoahangy (embroidered tablecloths and curtains, pieces of wood sculpture, semi precious stones), Anosy (fresh and dried flowers, pottery), La digue (mixed handicraft).

Interesting Places to Visit

The most interesting places you may want to visit are: The Prime Minister's Palace in Manjakamiadana, the Zoological Park and its museum, the Astronomical Observatory in Antananarivo University and the Crocodile farm.

Downtown Antananarivo

Wander downtown as you will have some spectacular views all around you. You can also take very nice snapshots of the traditional houses due to the rays of light playing on the many facades on those hillsides.

Araben'ny Fahaleovantena is the obvious place to catch such a view. Wander around the Lac Anosy flower and handicraft market. The view of Antananarivo hill from here is wonderful as it faces the Queen's palace and the cliff from which Queen Ranavalona (18th century) used to throw early Christian martyrs and her political opponents. No other place can grant you views of the crowded hills and the architecture of the city as you look up in the air.

Antananarivo Hill

Another senior Antananarivo travel idea is to head to Anatirova (The Royal Complex) sometimes called Manjakamiadana. Here, you may hire a guide and tour the ancient buildings whose ruins may still be there and those that are being constructed. Another worthwhile detour is to enjoy the view of Tana from the top of the hill. You will be told the location of the 12 sacred hills which form Greater Tana. Locals visit this place to see the reconstruction of the ruins or just to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Getting Around Antananarivo

Antananarivo senior travel isn't complete unless you tour the capital's surroundings. Book a tour with a travel agency to Ambohimanga, called "the blue hill." King Andriantsimitoviaminandrianirazaka built this small village in 1700. To enter the village, you have to come through a very ancient gate, which, once upon a time, used to be blocked by a gigantic round stone.

Any senior traveler can enjoy visiting Antananarivo.

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