Getting Around in Antananarivo

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Getting around the capital of Madagascar can be difficult due to the limited selection of public transportation. Antananarivo transportation consists mainly of taxicabs, buses and walking.


Taxis in Antananarivo are the most popular form of transportation among tourists in the city. Taxis tend to be reliable and quick compared to the other forms of Antananarivo transportation. It is important to settle on a rate with the driver before you get into the taxi. A typical taxi ride costs 5,000 MGA ($2.33 USD) which is fairly inexpensive, but be aware of the time you decide to ride in a taxi because during rush hour the city center is packed and the extra time spent in the taxi will cost you. In 2004, the city government regulated taxicabs to limit exploitation by the drivers and for safety reasons.  Because of this, all official taxis are the color beige. Getting into an unlicensed taxi can be dangerous, and it is recommended tourists only use official taxi services.


The buses are no more than overcrowded vans that drive sporadic routes. The average bus trip costs 300 MGA ($0.14 USD) but it is generally confusing for tourists to take the bus.

Walking and Driving

There are 2 more forms of Antananarivo transportation--walking and driving. Due to the immense size of this city, walking is not advised unless you stay in the central neighborhood, Analakely, which is easy to navigate on foot. It is also possible, though expensive, to rent a car and hire a driver for your stay in the city.

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