Eating Out in Antananarivo

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Antananarivo restaurants offer tourists a range of cuisines that can satisfy different tastes. Following is a list of popular restaurants in the city that serve both Malagasy and international dishes.

Hotel Colbert

This is one of the most expensive restaurants in Antananarivo, although pricing seems to be quite low compared to Western standards. This restaurant has a pleasant interior setting and is mostly suited for formal discreet dining. Hotel Colbert offers delicious Malagasy and French cuisines and tourists can be sure of good service. However, remember to dress well for this restaurant as it mostly includes the elite and business crowd.

Chez Sucett’s

Located in Isoraka, this restaurant serves a wonderful Creole cuisine. With interiors decorated in a dark ochre façade, the restaurant has an enjoyable and casual atmosphere. The back wall of this place has shelves displaying a variety of infused rums. The staff is not very attentive, so you may have to try a little hard to get their attention. However, the food served here tastes great and is quite affordable. A decent, full course meal will cost only about $10, making it a nice place to enjoy a good meal.


This is a pleasant restaurant located up the hill, behind Hotel Colbert. It serves an excellent Italian cuisine that is quite popular with tourists. The lasagne is well worth a try, but there are other Italian dishes that tourists will enjoy. As the restaurant is on a steep hill, it offers visitors a view of the street below. Evening is perhaps the best time to visit Nerone as the entire place is lit with candles. The fine décor and lovely china make it quite a romantic place to dine. You don’t have to worry about the bill as a good meal here is just around $10.

Ku De Ta

Tourists looking for French cuisine should try the food in this restaurant. Located at rue de la Reunion, Isoraka, this restaurant serves tasteful French influenced food. In addition to tasty food, Ku De Ta also offers good quantity. Service is friendly and the décor reflects Malagasy heritage. The dishes served here make the restaurant more of a fine eatery. The prices are quite reasonable, although it is a little over average according to other places in the city. You may have to pay less than $10 for a good meal in this French restaurant.


If you are looking for a great place for a snack, this is it. Shalimar is one of the best spots where tourists can taste a combination of Indian and Pakistani snacks. Some of the popular dishes here include kebabs, sambos, katles/ quatles and jelabis. The restaurant also serves a simple kind of cardamom tea that is a favorite among locals and tourists.

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TATAO Restaurant

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A must-try dish: the Tatao or Seven Royal Dishes. It is said that this dish was served to kings and queens. Some peanut cake for dessert, an experience to share!!

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address:Isoraka Antananarivo
PriceOfMenu:5 euros

Ceramique in Mahamasine

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This is a great little, family run restaurant in Mahamasina, up a narrow side street behind the stadium, almost directly below the Rova. It is difficult to find if you don't know the way, but the second dwelling on the left of the side street sells charcoal and is readily recognisable by it being covered in black soot. The restaurant, well worth eating in, is approx 100m on from the charcoal place

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This is half way up the hill at the opposite end of the Avenue of Independence from the railway station, past the intersection with the road that passes through the tunnel. Serves decent hamburgers and hotdogs as well as spaghetti. Crepes or omlettes go down well for breakfast and its vast array of mouth watering cakes and sweets are welcome any time of day. Exceptionally clean but very busy.

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Mon Francais

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This is a French resturant recided in Antananarvio, which is French Cuisine. You can eat frogs, snails and many other types of food I RATE THIS 5 OUT OF 5!!!!!!!

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