Budget Travel Ideas in Antananarivo

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Antananarivo is the capital of the island nation Madagascar and a thriving urban metropolis. Antananarivo budget travel is easy because of the relative low cost of living in the city. Sightseeing and getting around the city are also inexpensive ways to fill your day.

Budget Accommodations

There are not many hotels in Antananarivo and most are expensive. Though 1 hotel, the Guest House Les located at 3 Metis, has the cheapest rate at $53.00 USD per night. The amenities included are wireless Internet, a porter service, a concierge, an airport shuttle and a room with a private bathroom. This hotel may not be the cheapest to stay in while on an Antananarivo budget travel vacation, but it does provide plenty of bang for your buck. There are no hostels in Antananarivo and the inexpensive hotels do not have many rooms, so book your trip a month in advance to get the best rate.

Getting Around on a Budget

Other than walking, buses are the cheapest way to get around this large city. The buses are just vans that follow a very sporadic bus route which is confusing for tourists new to the city. The price for an average bus ride is around 300 MGA ($0.14 USD). The taxi services in Antananariva is inexpensive at about 5000 MGA ($2.33 USD) a trip. Licensed and regulated taxicabs are all the color beige in the city. A budget traveler might be tempted to take the cheaper unlicensed taxis, but that can be dangerous, so it is not advised.

Where to Eat

Madagascar is home to large variety of fruit which is sold by vendors throughout the city. Street vendors sell their wares cheap and vendors can be bartered with if you are looking for a cheap meal. Ku De Ta is a bar and restaurant located downtown that sells a blend of French and Malagasy food. This is a good place to eat a good meal for a cheap price, with the average meal price being under $10 USD. Most of the restaurants in the city are inexpensive and you are unlikely to pay more than $5 dollars a meal while on your Antananarivo budget travel vacation.


There are quite a few markets in Antananarivo that sell everything from herbal medicines to local handicrafts and wood carvings. If you are looking for reasonably priced handicrafts, head to the back lanes of Avenue of Independence. Most open-air markets and vendors can be bartered with if you are looking for inexpensive souvenirs.

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