Beaches in Antananarivo

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Antananarivo beaches are located mainly at Nosy Be and Sainte Marie Island, which is also known as Nosy Boraha. Following are some of the popular beaches near Antananarivo.


Situated around 27 km from Hell Ville and at the tip of the island, Andilana is without doubt the most beautiful beach on Nosy Be. Crystal clear waters and a stretch of white sand, makes this a wonderful hangout for tourist. The beach is mostly dominated by the largest hotel on the island, which caters to more affluent tourists. However, there are a number of smaller restaurants, hotels and bungalows that have been built recently to offer accommodation for budget travelers.


This is a relatively small fishing village that is located about 7 km from Hell Ville. Over the last few years, it has become one of the most popular places for tourists in Nosy Be. Ambatoloaka is generally a quiet beach and most of the economy comes from hotels, bungalows, restaurants, clubs and scuba diving centers. The warm clear blue waters make the beach a great place for swimmers. As it also opens out to the Mozambique Channel, tourists get a magnificent view of the bay along with the sunset.


Tourists looking for a livelier beach should visit the Madirokely Beach as it offers more entertainment compared to the other 2 Nosy Be beaches. This beach is just a few minutes away from Ambatoloaka and it hosts a beach party every Sunday. Both locals and tourists can be found at this beach party dancing their afternoons away. Madirokely Beach also has a number of affordable hotels and restaurants.


For those looking to spend their holidays at quieter beaches, Ambondrona is a perfect location. This beautiful beach is located to the north of Madirokely Beach on Nosy Be. Also known as Palm Beach, this is a superb sandy bay that tourists choose to visit for its tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Ambondrona Beach is home to numerous bungalows that offer tourists a peaceful and pleasant stay on the island.

Besides these, some of Antananarivo’s best beaches are also found along the Ile Sainte Marie, also known as Nosy Boraha. The island is less crowded than Nosy Be and has a longstanding history and old charming architecture. The white sandy beaches, warm beautiful waters and coral reefs of this 57 km coastline are ideal for fishing, snorkeling and diving. Tourists will also find secluded coves that are fringed with coconut palms. Whale watching is a popular activity on the beaches of Sainte Marie. Hump backed whales migrate to the island’s waters from August-September.

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