Bars and Cafes in Antananarivo

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Antananarivo bars and cafes are a good choice to spend some time eating and drinking. Most of the places serve local dishes; however, there are several places that offer international cuisine as well. Following is a list of some bars and cafes to visit while vacationing in Antananarivo.

Bar Mojo

This is a trendy bar where you can hear some finger snapping music being played. Bar Mojo is more of a lounge bar that includes contemporary décor. The bar offers a nice view of the Panarama Tana, which keeps many visitors coming back. Although, DJs mostly play reggae-dancehall music, it is relatively soft, so tourists can enjoy a drink alone. Live bands often play here and the bar occasionally turns into a poetry-slam hangout. The variety makes Bar Mojo a great place to visit for tourists looking for a change of the regular atmospheres in bars.

Hotel Le Glacier

This is a popular hotel in Antananarivo that offers tourists a lot of entertainment. The hotel includes a bar, which doesn’t have a very good reputation, mainly because of the prostitutes that frequent the place. Regardless of this, it offers tourists a variety of entertainment including cabarets, traditional and live music. In fact, tourists can find live bands playing here on most nights. The music is distinctly African in drum beats with a flavor of Indian pop.

Blanche Neige

Located at 15 Ave de l’Independence, Basse-Ville, Blanche Neige, is one of the most popular cafes in central Tana. Also known as Snow White in English, this is probably the best place to visit for French ice-cream. The café serves visitors a hearty breakfast and is mostly crowded in the mornings. In addition to breakfast and ice cream, this café is also a good place to enjoy some Belgian waffles and cakes.

Cookie Shop

Situated at Ave Rainizanabolone, Antanimena, the Cookie Shop is quite popular among tourists. The place has a more American atmosphere rather than Malagasy and is quite pleasant. Waiters here speak in French and English and the menu is also available in both languages. The Cookie Shop is relaxing and one of the best places to enjoy some coffee and cookies. Tourists can also try other dishes like juices, milkshakes, bagel sandwiches, muffins and brownies.

Le Caf’Art

This is a friendly café located on Rue Ranavalona III at Haute Ville. Le Caf’Art is a brick terrace bistro that serves a variety of Malagasy food and pizzas. The garden courtyard offers the best seats in this café. From here tourists will get a lovely view of the steep city bits. A good menu and setting make Le Caf’Art a nice place to enjoy light snacks and refreshments.

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