Antananarivo Travel Guide

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This Antananarivo travel guide will provide you with useful information on the things to do and places to visit during your stay at Antananarivo.  

Located in central region of the island, Antananarivo is the largest city and capital of Madagascar. Also known as Tananarive or simply Tana, Antananarivo is a popular tourist destination

Places to Visit

Rova, a Royal Palace, is one of the popular tourist spots in Antananarivo. The palace was gutted by arson in the 1990s. You can get an account of the history of the palace from the local guides who are fluent in English and French. Some of the ancient monuments that occupy the compound include Manjakamiadana, Manampisoa and Mahitsielafanjaka. The Prime Minister’s palace is another tourist spot situated near Rova. Local tour guides will give provide you with some interesting historical information for a small fee.  


The Iranian Guest House is one of the most popular plush hotels in Antananarivo. This hotel is Malagasy owned and is well-known for its 7-course Malagasy dinner. Budget friendly hotels are also available in Antananarivo and some of the cheaper hotels include the Radama Hotel, Sakamanga and Karibotel. Sakamanga and La Ribaudiere are mid-range hotels viable for the budget travelers. Colbert and Carlton are the 2 most renowned hotels in Antananarivo. These hotels are rather expensive compared to the other hotels in Antananarivo.

Shopping Excursions

A trip to the Marche Artisinale La Dique Craft Market is recommended if you are interested in local handicrafts. You can reach the marketplace by a taxi ride from Tana. Local clothes and plastic toys are sold at the outskirts of the market. The market is better known for its labradorite gemstones. Some of the other handicrafts include local paintings and marble games. Do not forget to bargain as local stores can demand unreasonable prices. You can buy some local fruits and vegetables at the Analakeley market.

Antananarivo Nightlife

Antananarivo is also known for its exciting night-life and local bands usually perform at Hotel Glacier. Remember that you will have to wear shoes if you want an entry in the nightclub. Pandora Station is a popular nightspot in Antananarivo. You can bask in the local music ranging from electronic to R&B.

Hiking Expeditions

Antananarivo is known for its hiking terrains. Do not forget to carry comfortable shoes. Take your camera along with you to capture some beautiful pictures of the flora and fauna. Royal Ambohimanga Hill is one of the popular trekking spots better known for its picturesque landscapes and historical villages.


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