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Well in City

Well in City

Faisal Ozair

Misurata City is situated on the location of an old trade centers that the Phoenicians founded in the tenth century BC . It is some 200 km East of Tripoli and 825 km west of Benghazi

Misurata city is the third largest of the Libyan cities with a population of 300,000. 

As far as tourism, there are good and bad aspects. The most important  aspect is that the city is safe and well organized. It is the main industrial city in the country. It has a huge steel factory owned by the government. Small businesses and shops are scattered everywhere. The most amazing aspect of city is its sandy beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. There aren't hotels or inns on the beach. But if you have a Libyan friend, he will show you many wonderful places especially on the beach in the period from June to September.

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