Gharyan Travel Guide

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Gharyan or Gharian (Arabic: غريان‎) is a town in northwestern Libya, in Al Jabal al Gharbi District. Prior to 2007 it was the administrative seat of Gharyan District. Gharyan is one of the largest towns in the Nafusa Mountains.

// History

Gharyan was on the trade routes both south to Fezzan and over the Nafusa Mountains. By 1884 the Ottomans had established a mayor and town council in Gharyan.[1]

It was considered the center of Libyan resistance against the Italian invasion in the early 20th century. Many famous Libyan figures during the Italian invasion were from Gharyan such as Asharif Alghyriany.<[em>citation needed]


Grain and figs are grown for local consumption, with olives and saffron[2] for both local use and export. Gharyan is also well-known for its ceramics industry.

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