Ghadhames Travel Guide

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Ghadhames is one of the nicest places to visit. The traditional desert architecture make it an interesting stop. The beauty of the nearby region make it an ideal trip form Triploi either just for getting some taste of the desert or on the way further south, to Sebha and then on to Niger.

This traditional oasis village was once the southernmost outpost of the Roman Empire. In some ways Ghadhames still marks the southern limit of civilization before the terrain is taken over by the sands of the Sahara. 230 mi/370 km southwest of Tripoli.

Our activities are; typically, based on complying with the basic principles of tourism. We endeavour to be included within its goals. However, the most important matter is to satisfy the tourist's or customer's need at the present time. To that effect, we have been concerned with having the competent staff to meet any body's need with ambition of obtaining the recognized service, due to the fleet of desert cars, land transport means, camping equipment it owns. Also we have representatives at the airports and hotels for booking and reservation at the airlines companies, visas and hotel reservations.
Our service is characterized with organizing on camel trip across the desert as customer's request as well as heritage folkloric artistic concerts and tourists' festivals.
Also, as we know, there are several festivals made in Libya such as " Ghat festival for Tourism, Murzuq Festival for Tourism and Daraj Tourism … etc". We are interested to have the tourist present at such events.
We are fully ready to deliver the tourist to the sites of tourists' attraction featuring with non-paralleled importance for the tourist which include natural milestones, deserts lakes and heritage villages.
Also, it meets the adventurer's and athlete's needs for traveling through desert crossing paths as well as the explorer having curiosity in scientific and cultural research such as camera people and explorers

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