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Awjila also written as Awjilah, Aujila, Augila, Aoudjila is an historic oasis deep in the Libyan desert about 260 kilometers south of Agedabia . From Awjila the the road leads to Jalo and Kufra.

Not so long ago Awjila  was the capital of the large surrounding region because of its unique location of being at the crossroads of caravans moving along the east west north africa route and the north south coast to africa route.

It has the oldest masjed  (mosque) in the western north african region with its unique style of  architecture with rooms that are naturally conditioned . In the scorching heat of the summer days the rooms are cool and at night they are warm.

The building materials are made from the soil and the palm tree branches which make up an excellent heat insulator.

Awjila is a unique ethnic community as the people are of Berber ( Amazigh ) origions.

They have their own distinct Berber language but Arabic is the dominant language and Islam is the  only religion.

The main activities of the people in Awjila are agriculture and working for the oil sector  companies as this area is the cradle  of Libyan wealth.

The main crops are dates from the many verities of palm trees, tomatoes, and cereals.

Recently Awjila aquired an extra importance as it will be  the best and most convenient site for viewing the sun eclipse on march 29 2006.

More about Awjila will be added later on including some photos.


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