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St. Franscis Church

St. Franscis Church

Tony Riggio

Pleebo is a city found in Maryland county. The natives of this city are from the Grebo ethnic group. The town has one main street which passes through it, connecting  Monrovia, the capital city of the republic, to Harper, the headquarter of Maryland county, in which Pleebo is found. The city has several schools such as the Pleebo High School, Saint Francis School, Pleebo Community School, Saint Stephen school, and more.

Pleebo is a bordering city to the Ivory Coast. The city has some video clubs such as the Kafumba video club and the Big town video club. It also has one hospital which is operated by the "MERCI" organisation. This organization is a non-governmental one. The city has no electricity or telecommunication systems. Pleebo is also the residence of Mr. Riggio, an American that moved here 45 years ago and helped build schools and churches in the region. Anthony S. Riggio, the son of Mr. Riggio and his wife Martha, grew up here and went to St. Friancis High School.


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