Day Trips in Monrovia

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Monrovia is an old harbor city that is also a bustling cultural and commercial center. This guide offers  visitors information on the best day trip options from this quaint Liberian Capital.


Sulima is a town located at approximately 120 kilometers from Monrovia and is a Polish Coat of Arms. Watch several manifestations of the Polish-Lithuanian culture in the art, streets and monuments of this African town that boasts of a generous dash of European charm. Sulima was inhabited by innumerable szlachta clans in the era of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Providence Island

The Providence Island is one of the most culturally and historically attractive tourist ghetto in the region and features traces of an erstwhile slave trade era when freed African slaves came back to their homeland. A site of immense heritage relevance, the Liberians continue to hold regional dances, musical concerts and other cultural performances here to celebrate the monumental glory of the destination.

Blo Degbo Rock

Blo Degbo is an incredible rock formation that is artistically nestled in Paynesville. The structure bears an uncanny resemblance to a human face and is worth seeing for its sheer natural brilliance. There are other striking rock formations surrounding the Blo Degbo and each is a sample of intricate workmanship of an unknown force.

Sapo National Park

Sapo National Park located in Sinoe County is the country’s lone national park that features a lush tropical rainforest and a sprawling mass of protected land that houses diverse flora and fauna species. The park is touted to nestle the most varied species of mammals on earth and includes a bevy of elephants, pygmy hippopotamus, African elephants, zebra duikers, wild buffalos, chimpanzees, Diana monkeys, red colobus, black and white colobus and a host of other wild animals. A thrilling game drive or walking trail through the thick, dense reserves of the park is the best way to sample the magic of Liberia’s wilderness. The park also has a few swampy areas, a dry land mass and rare riparian forests. Apart from the wild animals, the park also houses several species of wild flowers and indigenous insects.

Monrovia is a region that is rapidly sprucing up its act to get back on its feet after the tumulus civil war that crushed its spirit. Though it still remains a less favored tourist destination, there are a few places close to the city that offer nice opportunities for sightseeing and other nature based outdoor activities.

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