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accommodation in Monrovia

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If you are visiting Monrovia there are some fine Monrovia hotels where you can choose to stay. There are a total of 11 hotels in Monrovia, most of which are semi-luxury or budget hotels. One point though, if you are visiting this city, always remember to book in advance to make sure you have a decent place to stay when you arrive.

The Cape Hotel

Cape Hotel is one of the popular hotels in Monrovia. It is situated at Mamba Point and offers great Monrovian hospitality. The rooms in this hotel are not too big but are very comfortable. Most of the rooms have a terrace from where you can enjoy a fine view of the ocean. The restaurant at the hotel offers appetizing dishes and excellent service. The hotel has Wi-Fi facility, so you can be connected while you stay here. Standard room rates start from $150 per night.

RLJ Kendeja Resorts and Villas

RLJ Kendeja Resorts and Villas is one of the best places to stay while holidaying in Monrovia. This hotel covers 13 acres of beachfront property and offers first rate accommodation for leisure and business travelers. Every room has a 42-inch flat screen TV, Wi-Fi connection and air-conditioning. If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy your stay in Monrovia, you might want to stay at this resort. Rates are $180 for a single standard room.

Mamba Point Hotel

Mamba Point is a simple country lodge in Monrovia. If you would like a quiet place to stay, Mamba Point is the best option. The hotel offers clean, comfortable rooms with Wi-Fi connection. Hotel facilities include sauna, swimming pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, a tennis court, a billiard room and a fully-equipped gymnasium.

Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel is located right in the heart of Monrovia City and provides first-class amenities. When you stay at the Royal Hotel, you will be treated as royalty. The hotel also includes a fine restaurant where you can enjoy some of the best dishes in Monrovia. Room rate starts at $125 per night.

Atlantis Guest House

Atlantis was tagged as “your home away from home” and true to its word. Atlantis offers clean, comfortable accommodations and is a great place to stay while holidaying in Monrovia. The hotel also provides free laundry service to all its guests. Standard room rates starts at $150 per day.

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