Greenville Travel Guide

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Greenville is a bustling Liberian port town that is reminiscent of a rich colonial legacy. The Greenville Travel Guide offers visitors information on the general features, attractions and accommodation options of this quaint natural and historical retreat.


Greenville is the capital of Sinoe County and is located in southeast Liberia on a pristine lagoon near the breathtakingly beautiful Sinoe River in the Atlantic Ocean. The exact location is about 150 miles to the southeast of Monrovia city. The town was constructed in 1838 by the Mississippi Colonization Society’s colonists and has been named after Judge James Green, a pioneer planter to send slave groups to Liberia. Greenville suffered heavily during the Liberian Civil War and has been painstakingly restored into a near flourishing port for the logging trade. The former glory of Greenville, which was a rich exporter for rubber, lumber and food crops has not yet been reinstated but several efforts are underway to catapult Greenville in the league of prime trading centers in the country. The port of Liberia has two quays that offer excellent berthing facilities.


Greenville has spectacular beaches that are perpetually blessed with sunshine and a peaceful ambiance. These are super getaways for a stress-free leisure holiday. The Sapo National Park is a popular local tourist attraction that is located on the outskirts of Greenville and houses several species of exotic flora and fauna. The path heading upward from the river is a super hiking trail that features exciting campsites and trekking routes. Several factions of Greenville are rich heritage ruins that serve as a reminder of the town’s erstwhile glory. The ruins of The Presidential Palace after it was ravaged by a raging mob is worth witnessing. The melancholic Greenville Church also presents a sad portrait of the aftermath of the civil war and till date retains the bullet marks on its walls as testimony of its agony. These destinations, though a tad gloomy, are great places for gaining information and interesting facts on the historical events of the region.


Liberia doesn’t have an extensive array of hotels though there are a few decent accommodations huddled around the tourist hotspot Sapo. Africa Hotel Liberia and Kailando Hotel are good accommodation options that offers clean rooms at humble prices.

Greenville is a region stripped by the ravages of the civil war and features a few good beaches and natural getaways that are great for adventure tourists and nature enthusiasts.

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