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St. Franscis Church

St. Franscis Church

Tony Riggio

After more than a decade of civil war that left Liberia a shell of its former shelf, traveling throughout the country is akin to standing naked on a busy highway – dangerous yet exhilarating. Since the deposition of Charles Taylor to Nigeria in 2003 the country has slowly but steadily regained stability. United Nations troops continue to patrol the country but strife is rare. Elections in November 2005 saw Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf take power and optimism for the country’s future has never been higher.  

Travel throughout the country, however, has yet to improve. The war destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure and save for a decent highway that connects Monrovia with the Sierra Leonean border, roads throughout the country are less than ideal. Adding to the travelers hassles are ever-present military and police checkpoints where “registration fees” are demanded. Keep your cool and stick to your beliefs on the issue of bribery and you’ll be fine.  

Despite the country’s poverty, its people are amongst the most welcoming you’ll ever meet. Walking through the streets of Monrovia you’ll undoubtedly be approached and quizzed on your views on the country’s development, its future and, chances are, your thoughts on Charles Taylor. Take a deep breath before you get there and enjoy!


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