Poverty and Livelihoods in Lesotho, 2000

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This is the best , detailied account of the current situation regarding all aspects of poverty in Lesotho (one of the poorest countries in Southern Africa). It is the successor to similar studies in 1990 and 1994 and so offers an excelleny medium term view of events. The study is based on over 1000 interviews with families representative of a structured cross section of the income groups in Lesotho. After an excellent survey of recent political, economic and social developments since Independence it shows the various strategies adopted by familiies to secure a livelihood. The book may be difficult to get through book-sellers but can be obtained from Sechaba Consultants PO Box 0813 Maseru 105 Lesotho. The price is about £10 sterling. I believe that any university teaching Development Studies should have this book in its library. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has a serious interest in Lesotho. It is also a good general introduction to the society of this very interesting country. David Croome National University of Lesotho
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author:Sechaba Consultants
subject:Economic, Social and Politial description of Current poverty situation

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