When to Go in Kenya

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Kenya When to Go

Many travelers wonder when they should go to Kenya when they are planning for a vacation in the country and the answer to the question is - when the animal migrations begin. Travel authorities agree that watching the animals as they make their treks across Kenya is worth the trip and it is worth the special planning to achieve.

So, when should you do your planning to “be in the right place at the right time?” It is when the millions of wildebeest, zebra and gnu begin their trek across the Masai Mara. This huge plain has been the path that has been followed by animals for thousands of years and it is a sight to see the millions of animals as they make their move from July to October.


There’s another prime season for animal watching and that is January to March. Note that both of these times coincide with the dry season as the animals follow the water sources across the Mara. Indeed, the dry season treks of the millions of animals are truly a great sight to see.

One thing you’ll also notice is that close on the heels of the millions of trekking animals will be the predators that live off these animals. Interestingly, as animal biologists and managers have noted, predators take out the old and the weak, leaving the prime animals for future breeding so that the animals will continue into the future.


One thing that you might want to discuss is a safari. With the right guide you will be able to see animals that you might otherwise miss. Safaris are a great way to see Africa in a more natural state than you will find at a fancy city hotel or a fancy resort. Although you can take a Safari ride all through the year, it’s great to enjoy a safari there during the autumn, which is during June to September. Autumn is the time when you can not only see animals like lions and tigers in the jungle, but you will also be able to capture some great moments of water animals.

Your safari guide will not only take you to the best spots for photos, but you will also have the advantage of great cooking and planning.  The safari company will take care of all of your planning, leaving you with very little more than to show up with your luggage or pack and camera and tripod.


It is not advisable to take a trip during summers as it becomes to too hot to stay and enjoy in the jungles, which is the main attraction of Kenya.

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