Accommodation & Eating Out in Kisumu

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The cheapest place offering a bed in Kisumu is the YMCA on the corner or Omolo Agar Rd and Nairobi Rd. It has dorm beds for KSh 150 with shared bathrooms. Also a good budget hotel is the Razbi Guest House (# (035) 44771), on the corner of Oginga Odinga Rd and Kendu Lane. It has clean singles/doubles for KSh 150/200 with shared bathrooms. For a step up, try the New Victoria Hotel (# (035) 21067), on the corner of Kendu Lane and Gor Mahia Rd. Rooms with balconies in front have a nice view of Lake Victoria Singles/Doubles with private bathrooms cost KSh 450/750 with breakfast. The Hotel Inca (# (035) 40158) just off of the Kenyatta Highway is also a good mid-range hotel. It has singles/doubles with attached bathrooms and fans for KSh 500/850. A nice top end place is the old Hotel Royale (# (035) 21079) on Kenyatta Highway. Check out the room first, but most are quite nice and a good value at KSh 1080/1600 for singles/doubles. Kisumu is the Sunset Hotel on Impala Lane south of town.

Nicest hotel by far however is the Imperial Hotel. They have great rooms and the service is excellent. Their restaurants offer some great cusine and are a good value for money taking into consideration the hotel's great ambiance.  It has a swimming pool, an expensive restaurant and rooms with a view of the lake for

For good cheap Kenyan food, eat at the Cafe Natasha just off of Oginga Odinga Rd, or the Kimwa Cafe Annex just across the street. Also, on Ogada Street there’s the New Victoria Hotel and the Kimwa Cafe, which have run-of-the-mill dishes at good prices. For an expensive meal, try the Imperial Hotel , on the Kenyatta Highway. They have good meals and good service averaging about KSh 600 per dinner. There are many bars and quite a few discos in town as well, the most popular being the Octopus Bottoms Up Disco which is always packed on the weekends.

Another accommodation alternative in Mountsin view resorts,located slightly out of town in the mamboleo suburbs,common with backpackers,campers and longterm cheap accommodation.Thier rooms range from Kshs 800 B&B double rooms,.Its ideal for peopel seekining privacy,quiet and space.

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