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Tea Picking near Kericho on the Nakuru-Kisumu Highway

Tea Picking near Kericho on the Nakuru-Kisumu Highway

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Also Known as Winam Gulf, Kisumu is Kenya's third largest city and is the center of western Kenya. It feels more like Mombasa than Nairobi, being hot and a little humid, where locals move about their business at a leisurely pace.

Like any big city, there’s a wide range of accommodations suitable for any budget. Kisumu city has three major hotels; Imperial Hotel, Kisumu Hotel and Sunset Hotel. These hotels are 3 star hotels among others.


There are several attractions in town, such as the Kisumu Municipal market near the bus stage where you can get cheap soapstone carvings, The Impala Park, The Kisumu museum,The Kit Mikaye, the Dunga beach, kiboko Bay and Hippo Point where you can watch the sun set on Lake Victoria. For more information on the lake and its sights, see the Lakes section.

The people are friendly, the impala park also offers a good attraction site. Kisumu is famous for its benga music. It is a landing City for those who want to visit Kogelo, the village where Barack Obama's father was born.


There are so many Food cafes in Kisumu, Kisumu is popular for Fish (Tilapia) eating along the lake.

Tour Operators and Touristic sites

Kisumu has several indigenous tour Operators including -

Victoria Safaris ( and

Niche Africa Holidays (

which takes tourists and locals to various touristic sites in Western Kenya and also to the whole Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda,Rwanda and Burundi.

From Kisumu, you can tour Ndere Island and Ruma National parks. The latter is famous for the only remaining Rone Antelope.

You can also visit Yala Swamp's Dominion Farm,Kogelo Village, Siaya town, Ndere Island National Park,Kit Mikaye, Crying stone of Illesi in Kakamega, Kakamega forest, The Famous Equator line at Maseno, Ruma National Park, Pala hot springs, Simbi Nyaima Crator Lake, West Coast of Kenya - Mbita Point, Mbasa and Mholo bird Islands, Mfangano island's Peace Museum, Rusinga island, Kendu Bay resort, Odina water falls and Odino electricity project and also have a boat ride on Lake Victoria from Yatch club and from Dunga beach.

Kisumu International Airport

Kisumu City is having its Airport reconstructed to international standards to enable Air transport for both Cargo and passengers to land safely.

Car Rental and Car Leasing Tour Operators in Kisumu City

Victoria Safaris (

This is one of the Car Rental and Car leasing Tour operators in kisumu City with their offices at the Business Center at Sunset Hotel.

Telephone: +254 57 2022257

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