Top 5 Must Do's in Kenya

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Following is a list of top 5 Kenya must do’s for every tourist visiting this country.

1. Explore the Kenyan Beaches

Kenya is famous for its coastal beaches. Most of the beaches are situated in Mombasa. Lamu and Malindi are some of the other renowned coastal beaches in Kenya. These beaches are well-maintained and you can enjoy some quality time beneath the stretch of coconut palm trees. Beaches in Kenya are also known for their soft white sands and clear water. The beaches in Mombasa, especially in the North Coast are popular among tourists. Some of the popular beaches in the North Coast include Nyali and Mtwapa. You can also visit the largest crocodile farm in Kenya, which is situated on the North Coast of Mombasa, near Nyali Beach. Other beaches are situated in Lamu, Malandi and Watamu. You can also visit the Malandi Marine National Park near Malandi Beach.

2. National Parks

A visit to Kenya is incomplete without getting a glimpse of Kenyan wildlife.
The National Parks in Kenya are well-known for their rich wildlife. The national wildlife reserves in Kenya are well-endowed with animals like lions, elephants, leopards and rhinos. Do not forget to carry your digital camera along with you to capture some enticing images. You can explore the wildlife reserve through safari minibuses or 4WD vehicles. If you are adventurous then you can also consider the option of viewing the sights from a hot air balloon. Some of the popular wildlife reserves include Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Park, Samburu National Reserve and Nairobi National Park.

3. Lakes

Kenya is also known for its collection of lakes which ranges from freshwater, volcanic to alkaline. Some of the popular lakes include Lake Victoria and Lake Nakuru. Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake in the world. The Nile River originates from this particular lake. Lake Elementatia, Lake Baringo and Bogoria are some of the other popular lakes in Kenya.

4. Excursion Activities

You can enjoy your trip to the maximum by indulging in scuba-diving and snorkeling while on the beaches in Kenya. Diving equipment is usually provided by the beach resorts. Some of the other activities which you can try include waterskiing and swimming. Do not venture deeper into the water if you are a novice. You can also try deep-sea fishing, which is a popular tourist activity on the coastal beaches.

5. Shopping Trips

Kenya is also famous as a shopping destination. You can enjoy a shopping spree in Mombasa. Try some traditional Kenyan clothes like kikoi and khanga from Bishara Street. Makupa is one of the popular markets in Kenya. If you are interested in collecting souvenirs then do head for the Masai Market.

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