When to Go in Nakuru

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With the varied African climate, certain times of the year are better to go than others as you look at Nakuru when to go. This is not only for your personal comfort, but also because many species in the animal kingdom have different behavior patterns throughout the year. Here are some guidelines when planning your Kenyan trip.

Best Seasons in Nakuru

In Nakuru, the climate and conditions are usually averaged on rainy seasons. The rainy season is typically from the beginning of March to the end of May. It is suitable to visit Nakuru at any time of the year, however, if you are planning an overland tour, it would be advisable not to go during the rainy season as the terrain does not offer anything friendly. Most tours are done out of rainy season, with the best months being from June to August and January to March. The temperatures over these periods vary between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius, with an average of 8 or 9 days of rain during each month. June and August are also ideal times to visit for the best wildlife viewings, as it is after the rainy season ensuring that the lakes and rivers are full. This is also when the huge flamingo population descends on the lakes and is a must see for any tourist to Nakuru.

Peak Season

Tourist seasons vary from tour operator to tour operator, but due to the package deals that are usually offered over the Christmas holidays, November and December months are considered to be the busiest times of the year. Conditions are most appealing with warm days and mild evenings, very little rainfall, and plenty of bird life and wildlife. Lake Nakuru National Park is probably the most visited tourist destination and over the Easter long weekend (March or April), it has also been shown to increase in tourist volumes dramatically, although quite a lot more rainfall will be experienced over this period.

When you visit Nakuru, you should plan carefully in order to enjoy the best aspects that this area has to offer, as well as to have an affordable vacation. The abundance of wildlife in this area will ensure that you get great viewings all year round, however, after the rainy season when the lakes are full, the flamingo population is usually the draw for most visitors, and these months are the best to look at going.

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