Top 5 Must Do's in Nakuru

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On your African vacation, the Nakuru Must-Do’s are visiting the Menengai Crater, touring the local parks, going on a safari, touring archeological sites and dancing the night away at a local disco.

1. Visiting Menengai Crater

Just a short drive from Nakuru you will make your way to Menengai Crater. From the rim of the crater you can easily make out the volcanic rim below. If you are brave enough, hike down to the bottom and view the underground caves. These caves are still used for religious prayer and fasting by the local people. This is a lovely experience if you love heights, depths and hiking.

2. Touring the Local Parks

Lake Nakuru National Park is a small national park that surrounds Lake Nakura. Within the confines of the park, you can view rare black and white rhinos, as well as giraffes, lions and the millions of pink flamingos that can sometimes make Lake Nakuru look like a giant pink pond.

3. Going on a Safari

Everyone should enjoy a safari at least once in their lifetime and if you happen to be in Nakuru, you can take a 3-day safari down through the Rift Valley and into Nairobi. Enjoy the wildlife of Africa while you travel towards the Amboseli Game Reserve.

4. Tour the Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site

Hyrax Hill was a major archeological dig site that unearthed artifacts dating back to the Neolithic and Iron Ages. The Hyrax Hill Museum now displays these artifacts for viewing. Many remains of buildings, tombs and a fortress were found in 1937 as well as the bodies of 19 bodies, which had been beheaded. Hyrax Hill is also the site where many Sirikwa Holes were found. The Sirikwa were cattle herders from the 12th to 15th centuries and the holes were built for guarding their cattle. The cattle would be kept inside these fenced in holes for protection.

5. Dance the Night Away at a Disco

After spending the day hiking and traveling around to all the major sites of Nakuru, nighttime means spending time at one of the four discos in town or maybe ine one of the hundreds of bars or restaurants. The largest place in town is called the Millenium Hotel. This is the most popular place to go and at night the floor is cleared for dancing. There are several bars inside as well as pool tables. Although 100 people can fit comfortably, weekends will double the capacity as everyone comes to join in the fun!

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