Things to Do in Nakuru

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With its location in the Rift Valley, tourism is at the heart of Nakuru’s economy. With nearby Lake Nakuru National Park; the second largest surviving volcano crater in the world, the Menengai Crater; and the numerous ancient settlements there tourists have a long list of Nakuru things to do.

Lake Nakuru National Park

The home of millions of flamingos, Lake Nakuru is at the center of a vital wildlife reserve for a number of animals, especially the white and black rhinos. Just over 25 black rhinos and 79 white rhinos live in the park, making it home to the largest number of black rhinos in the wild. Giraffes, lions, giraffes and other animals also call the wildlife reserve home. Safari’s are available for eco-tourists to see the animals in a safe environment. The safari is at the top of things to do in Nakuru.    

Menengai Crater

For hikers with good shoes, a short  eight-km drive from the city center is the Menegai Crater, a large dormant volcano. The rim of the volcano forms a long hiking trail, but,unfortunately, there are no guardrails and some parts can be risky to walk over. However, for people willing to risk it there are trails leading down into the caldera  at the heart of the crater. It is 480 meters from the rim to the bottom so care must be taken. There are a number of underground caves for people to explore which are also used by religious people for fasting and prayer. In the wooded caldera it is sometimes possible to see steam vents, proving that the volcano still has some life to it.

Hyrax Hill

Hyrax Hill is one of the most important Neolithic sites in Kenya and one of the things to see in Nakuru. It dates back to at least 1500 B.C., and shows the remains of tombs, settlements and a fortress from various time periods. The site and its surrounding area has been excavated since 1937 and new discoveries are still being found every year. Hyrax Hill is open to the public, allowing tourists to see prehistoric nomadic remains, small permanent villages, and the beginnings of an Iron Age culture. A small museum is located on-site and stores the more fragile items. The exhibits are simple, but the models are well-done and explanations are understandable. A guided safari of the hill is available and is the best way to see everything.

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