Getting Around in Nakuru

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Traveling in the Nakura area of Africa will provide you with many fun ways for Nakura transportation. You can choose to stay in the city and use the public transportation that is servicing the area, or you can explore the wilder side of Africa and take a safari trip.

City Bus

There is a city bus service in Nakura, but you should become familiar with it before you start to use it. It is very affordable and you can get anywhere in the city for a few cents. But, you need to figure out the maps and routes that are available to take. If you are going to be traveling outside of the city and catching one of the safari tours that takes place, the city buses often have a lot of passengers and make frequent stops, so it can take a while to get to where you are going.


There are also city taxis that provide transportation within the city. You will want to check ahead to see if they are going to be available, as they can fill up quickly. They are affordable, and though you will pay more than for the bus, you can also go exactly where you want to go and you can catch them anywhere in the city where they are often driving to pick people up.

Safari Trips

You can explore the wild side in the area and choose a safari as your Nakura transportation. The safari tours will show you the natural reserves of the area and the scenery and terrain is something to see. You can choose one of the tours that leaves the city and the prices depend on the length of the trip you are taking, if you are taking a guided tour or if you are only getting transportation to the reserves.


A lot of people choose to walk around the city for their Nakura transportation. You may find that it is easier to get most places by walking and if you want to go outside of the city, there are also a lot of places that you can go hiking to. This could be one of the best Nakura transportation ideas that you can use. There are number of trails and places to hike in the nature reserves and some of the areas are only accessible by foot. Once the safari gets to a point, you can walk further into the reserve to get closer to some of the beautiful sights.

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