Festivals in Nakuru

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There are a lot of fun Nakura festivals that you can enjoy if you are going to be traveling to the area. You can see the best of the culture and entertainment when you plan your trip to go to one of the festivals that are held.

Arts Festival

The Arts Festival is held in March and is one of the biggest festivals to see. It has a variety of different arts to enjoy including acrobatics, visual arts, comedy, dance, cuisine, fashion, film, literature, movies, music and film. There are a lot of people who attend the festival from all over, and this is a great place to see a lot of different artists perform and to see many displays of great art.

Rhino Charge

The Rhino Charge festival is held in June. The event is an off-road rally that features a lot of four-wheel drive vehicles that are attempting to travel through the terrain and win the race. There are a lot of exciting places to enjoy watching the race, and also a lot of events held around the festival that are going on during the event.

Kenyan Music Festival

The music festival takes place during the month of August and has a variety of different artists and types of music that you can listen to and enjoy. Artists from all different areas bring their own style of music to share at the festival. If you like to listen to music and the entertainment of a festival, this is one of the Nakura festivals that you may want to attend.

International Camel Derby Festival

The Camel Festival takes place in August and goes throughout the areas of the desert regions that are open to visitors to attend. There is a lot of entertainment to enjoy and people from many different places come to watch the camels and their riders race to get through the course and win the derby.

The Mombasa Carnival

The Mombasa Carnival is one of the largest festivals in Kenya and has a variety of festival events to enjoy. You can enjoy the many floats that are around in the area and also very different shows and exhibits. The festival is held in November and attracts artists and those seeking entertainment to come and participate in one of the best carnivals in the area. If you like to see a great carnival and enjoy music and fun, this is one of the Nakura festivals that you should see.

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