Eating Out in Nakuru

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There are a lot of Nakura restaurants you can try when you are in the city. You can find local cuisines and new flavors to enjoy. There are a lot of restaurants that offer noodle dishes and cuisine native to the area. You can try something new at every meal and enjoy the variety offered.

Isehiraudon Ganso Okamuraudonten

This restaurant is a great place to relax and enjoy one of the local dishes. You can choose from the many noodle dishes and try some of the combinations you can create. Choose from the basic noodle dishes and add in any of the available meats or vegetables to create your own dish or choose one of the dishes prepared on the menu.


This restaurant offers a variety of cuisine. It is a great place to go with a group, because there are many different dishes. You can relax and enjoy the meals and find one of the best varieties of cuisine in the city. This is one of the Nakura restaurants you may want to try while you are traveling in the city.


This restaurant offers Japanese cuisine. You can enjoy the traditional Japanese style of cooking. Select the rice, noodles, meats and vegetables for your dish, or you can choose one of the many prepared dishes. There are also lighter meals you can choose if you do not want to order a full meal.


The Magosaku restaurant is well known for its noodle dishes. There are a lot of traditional dishes that are prepared using different kinds of noodles and rice. If you like to try something new when you are traveling, this might be one of the Nakura restaurants to try.


The Gorobeyakata restaurant offers noodle and Asian cuisine. You can enjoy the variety of dishes and starters, and choose from the many varieties of food available. If you like noodle dishes and Asian-style food, this restaurant has what you will enjoy. There are also a lot of different dishes that are offered, so you may be able to try something new every time you visit.

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