Eating Out in Naivasha

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La Belle Inn is the only place you can get a continental meal in Naivasha. The food is not bad and not too expensive, but the place is usually full of rude ex-patriots and snooty upper-class tourists. Plus the beer is quite expensive.

Jim's Corner on Station Lane is one of the best African restaurants in Kenya. Both the inside and outside are full with locals during lunch time, but don't be afraid to share a table with someone. Every dish on the large menu is good, especially if you ask for ketchumbari, a chili sauce they make from scratch. If the food itself isn't enough of an incentive, you'll spend up to three times less than you would at La Belle.

The two best bars in Naivasha are Sam's Holiday's Inn at the norther end of town just past the market, and Othaya Annex on Kariuki Chotara Rd. SamHoliday's has a bar with a TV and VCR, a restaurant, and a separate pool room/bar.

There are also two small discos in town. Scatman, AKA Club Sweat next to Othaya Annex plays mostly hip-hop. Scorpio near the stage to Lake Naivasha plays mostly Lingala (Congolese music). Both places are fun on the weekends.

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Burch's camp site

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photo by: LNR

The Burch’s camp is situated at the shores of the Lake Naivasha , 100kms North West of Nairobi , and the cleanest fresh water lake in the Rift Valley. The area is famous for its bird life, beautiful sceneries including highlands and escarpments.

The Lake Naivasha derived its name from a Maasai word ‘Naiposha’ which means a depression with water.

The Burch’s camp is located about 8Kms from Naivasha town off Moi south drive. Better placed in terms of accessibility and closeness to the lake, lush green vegetation, well manicured more..

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accessibility:Moi South Lake Road
tel:272 8775
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