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gross bathroom at White Castle Motel

gross bathroom at White Castle Motel

Joe Ganda

Eldoret has been growing rapidly and may like be bigger than Nakuru becoming Kenya’s fourth largest city. This region is the bread basket of kenya and predominately a farming region where maize, wheat farming and ranching take place on a large scale. Its location and proximity to Ugands, Sudan and other central African countries is an added advantage in addition the modern Eldoret International airport and medical facilities such as Moi University in the region and The Moi Teaching and Refferal Hospital are a testimony to this. Eldoret is the traditional lands of the Kalenjin community. If you have to spend the night here, the Klique Hotel offers singles/doubles for KSh 3000/4000 all rooms self contained with TV sets. The and Sirikwa Hotel KSh 3500/4300 for its singles/doubles and Wagon Park ( opposite Sirikwa) KSh 2100/3500 for singles/doubles

for the budget traveller there are many places to spend in town.miyako hotel 600 single and 1200 double self contained.whitecastle motel also in town 1200 single 2000 double they have good rooms. For a night out, Eldoret at its size has numerous nightclubs. the Spree, considered the top notch night club, the cave, Cyclone and Places are a few of the well frequented clubs by people.  The latest is signature, just a step from Spree, For a cultural night out, Club Sesia caters for people willing to learn Kalenjin culture.  

near eldoret(11km) is iten town.home to some of the best hotels in this region.sample kerio view hotel with world class room ambience, with views of the kerio valley, excursions,bird watching, camping etc check out their website www.kerioview.com for more information

Eldoret is a home of the great atletes including kipchoge Keino. It has also the best climate suited to Europeans and Americans. Other key attractions are the Kerio Valley, Kruger farm in Sergoit, and the high Altitude training camps.

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