When to Go in Mombasa

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Hot and humid, Mombasa’s weather is cooler than many tropical countries, though quite a bit stifling compared to the mild climate of Nairobi. June to September is the high tourist season due to a combination of summer holidays and mildly cooler weather, but with weather being rather consistent throughout the year anytime can be a great time to visit Mombasa.

Mombasa Temperatures

The hottest months to be in Mombasa are December through April. During this time, the average max temperature is 88 degrees F, while the cooler months of July though August see a max average of 81 degrees F. With only a few degrees of difference, the seasons do not change greatly in Mombasa.

Rainy Season in Mombasa

The one time that is not recommended for visiting Mombasa is during rainy season. While April, May and June encompass the rainy season, only May is particularly difficult where up to 20 days of the month are filled with rain. Here, the rainy season does not mean constant rain, however. While it will rain most of the days, characteristically the rain comes in short bursts and the sun will reappear both before and after the rain. There is also another rainy season from October to November.

Best Time to Visit Mombasa

With only a slight fluctuation in weather, pretty much anytime is a good time to visit Mombasa. With May being the only month to really avoid, your trip to Mombasa can be arranged around your schedule the best you see fit.

If your trip to Mombasa is arranged around more trips to the interior of Kenya, you will need to be more particular in planning your trip to avoid the rainy season. In many parts of the country the roads are not paved and can become dangerous after a couple days of rain. If you do not plan on visiting any wildlife parks, the rainy season is a great time to visit, as it is less crowded and you can take advantage of lower off-season prices on accommodations.

One of the most lively festivals in Kenya takes place in Mombasa in November - the Mombasa Carnival. Showcasing music, art and dance from all over Kenya, this is a great festival to attend for a taste of Kenyan culture. Other holidays that are popular in Mombasa include Christmas and New Year's. If you are planning on traveling during the time of a festival or holiday, be sure to book accommodations well in advance. 

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