Senior Travel in Mombasa

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Traveling to Mombasa can be a great time for seniors, as there are many comfortable accommodations and attractions that can be just right for active seniors. By planning a nice trip that is full of activities appealing to a more mature crowd, a trip to Kenya’s beach paradise can be the perfect vacation at any age.

Senior Accommodations

One of the most challenging aspect for seniors traveling in the developing world is often a lack of accommodations with a range of amenities. This will not be a problem in Mombasa where there are countless top-of-the-line resorts up and down the coast around and in the city. Whether you want to stay at a beach resort or a more traditional hotel, you will not lack any necessities here.

For hassle-free accommodations, book your stay at any of the fine resorts on the beach that have all-inclusive packages. You will be able to enjoy your trip without having to navigate the city on your own and will be sure to have delicious meals and countless amenities included every day. Additionally, you will be able to book tours from your hotel, as well. Ask the customer service team at your hotel for information on the various cultural beach and safari tours they offer.

Senior Activities

Mombasa may be known as a beach paradise, but the city is more than just bustling beaches. Enjoy some cultural and historical tourism spots like Fort Jesus, the Gedi Ruins and Mombasa’s Old Town. Hire a tour guide and learn about the lore of this great city. Many trips can be arranged that take you around to the sites as part of a tour group and this is a great option for seniors with limited mobility.

There are 2 wildlife preserves in the vicinity of Mombasa that make a great day trip from the city. Be sure to check out at least 1 beach while in Mombasa, even if you are not interested in a day of sunning. The pristine waters and deserted white sand beaches of Tiwi Beach or the bustle of Bamburi Beach are necessary stops on your trip to Mombasa.

Enjoy a dinner cruise on an Arab dhow for a great relaxing view of the city and its landmarks, as well as an evening of fine dining.

Senior Tour Groups

Many companies operate tour groups catering to senior travels. If you wish to be in the company of other seniors, this is a great option. Review the itinerary of various tour companies and decide on one that interests you and fits your budget.

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