Getting Around in Mombasa

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Mombasa has one of the most efficient public transport systems in Kenya. The streets are filled with Nissan matatus running several major loops around town, or north and south of Mombasa Island. You can get most of these at the Post Office on Digo and Makadara Roads, which is like a huge matatu stage. Hang around for a few minutes and listen to the matatu touts creatively yelling “docks” or “ferry” or other routes. Ask someone at your hotel where to get the Nissan you want.

If you can stand the heat, you can certainly walk around Mombasa. The main road is Digo Road, which turns into Nyerere Ave south of Moi Ave. Digo is intersected by the other three main roads, Jomo Kenyatta Ave to the north, then Haile Selassie Road, and finally the southernmost Moi Ave. Walking around Mombasa is considerable safer than Nairobi, but as always, watch what you carry around.

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