Festivals in Mombasa

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Being in Mombasa for an event, holiday or festival can really increase the cultural depth of your trip to this coastal city. Learn more about Kenyan culture and its people when you see how they celebrate and enjoy themselves with family and friends throughout the year in these standout events.

Mombasa Street Culture Carnival

The city of Mombasa holds the Mombasa Street Culture Carnival every November to highlight the talents of both artists and musicians from all over Kenya. The festival’s highlight is a street parade complete with representatives from the city’s many cultures and communities. A main stage highlights local dancers and bands, while a second stage showcases traditional Kenyan dancing. There are many crafts here available for purchase and this is a festive time to visit the city.

This festival is well-known throughout Kenya and is known as one of the premier festivals in the entire country. Great costumes, amazing floats and lively music make this a fascinating event to be in town for if you really want to look at Kenyan culture and its modern day applications. 

Mombasa Holidays

Kenyans celebrate holidays that fall within both Christian and Muslim traditions. Throughout much of Kenya the Christian calendar plays an important role, while near the coastal towns like Mombasa, the Muslim calendar also has a strong presence in the holidays celebrated due to the higher population of Muslims living in this area.

The most notable holidays include New Years Day, Christmas, Kenyatta Day and Madaraka Day. Kenyatta Day honors the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, on October 20th , while Madaraka Day celebrates Kenya’s independence on June 1st .

All banks and government offices are generally closed on holidays and if the holiday falls on a Sunday, the holidays are normally observed on the following Monday.

If your schedule allows it, book your trip around one of these lively events or festivals. Be sure to book your accommodations in advance, as many places fill up during this time and prices can also be more expensive. During the summer and during holidays, many of the beach resorts are particularly bustling. Be sure to check out which beach area you prefer and plan accordingly so that you are not overwhelmed by a party atmosphere during the heat of the summer or festival partying.

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