Bars and Cafes in Mombasa

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Comfy Lounge at Tembo Entertainment Plaza

Comfy Lounge at Tembo Entertainment Plaza


Mombasa has a bustling daytime atmosphere, as well as a nightlife that is not to be missed. With many bars and cafes, visitors can really get a true sense of  Kenyan-style either by drinking coffee at a café or partying as they sip drinks and light up the dance floor at any of these popular clubs and nightspots throughout the city:

Bars in Mombasa

Comfy Lounge at Tembo Entertainment Plaza is a new exclusive upmarket Disco Lounge Bar with comfortable sofa corners and designer stools and tables. Nice interior design with black and white lay-out. It has a large 2,5x2,5m Giant Screen showing sports events and music video clips. from 6pm to 11pm the Dj's play pleasant background music and thereafter its good disco music until 6am.

Lollipop@GoGo at Tembo Entertainment Plaza is a small modernly designed and comfy joint with non-stop exotic Table Dance Shows from 9pm to 5am. There are also very nice cocktails availabe.

Bavaria Beer Garden at Tembo Entertainment Plaza is a medium sized Bar and Beer Garden in German Bavarian Style. Its open every day and night around the clock throughout the year. A Giant 3x3m TV Screen is ideal for those who love to watch sports entertainment on TV

Il Covo Bar: Showing all the live football and rugby games on the big screen, this is a great destination for sports fans. A very popular spot, the Il Covo Bar is located next to the Bamburi Beach Hotel and features a full array of drinks. There are also pool tables here, though you may have to wait for a game, as this is a fairly busy bar. Il Covo Bar is a great stop before a night out clubbing to get started on the fun.

Pirates Beach Bar: Hip hop, oldies, dance and Arabic music all are played at this popular North Coast club that is always packed Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The lively atmosphere keeps this place going all night long when it shuts its doors at sunrise. The wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine here also makes it a great starting point for a bite to eat before a night out.

Cafes in Mombasa

Mombasa Coffee House: This small café serves fresh coffee, snacks and meals.

Pistacchio Café: Known for its delicious ice cream, this café also features a delicious and very popular lunchtime buffet.

Cozy Inn: This is a quaint and friendly café on Moi Avenue, serving both dinner and lunch.

Check out any of these cafes and clubs to get some real island flavor and relax Mombasa-style.

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