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Accommodation in Malindi

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Trevor Mikelas

Budget Travelers:

The Silversands Camp Site (#20412) two km south of town on the coast road is the best place to camp. It has nice facilities and is right on a nice stretch of beach. Camping is KSh 150 per person, and there are also small bandas if you don’t have a tent. The only problem is that it is a bit far out of town. You may want to hire a taxi to return home at night, especially if you’re alone.

If you want basic lodging, try the Jana Hotel (#20657) or Da Gama’s Inn (#30295).


Malindi Cottages (#20304), north of town on Lamu Rd offer nice fully furnished cottages with kitchens that sleep up to five people for KSh 1500 per night. Nearby are Malindi Sea View Cottages (#20439) which offer cottages for two to four people for around KSh 1200 per person per night.

Top End:

The Eden Roc Hotel (#20480) north of town on Lamu Rd has bungalows, deluxe rooms and private suites. Prices range from KSh 2000/2500 for singles/doubles to KSh 3000/4000 depending on the room.

Near the Silversands Camp lies the Driftwood Club (#20155). Rooms run KSh 800/1300 for singles/doubles to KSh 2900/3700.

Far to the south by the Marine National Park, on a beautiful piece of beach is Stephanie Sea House (#20720). Depending on the season, expect to pay between US$25 to US$50 per person per night.

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Looking for good accomodation for family holiday.

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