Beaches in Lamu

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Lamu’s beaches are a beautiful mass of rolling sand dunes and sun-baked waters that exude the natural appeal of a serene tropical island. The Lamu Beaches guide offers visitors information on the beach scene and best beaches to visit in this coastal paradise.


There is no doubt about the fact that people visit Lamu to “switch off”  by basking in the glory of its gallant medieval past and ancient Islamic culture.  However the biggest draw of the region are its pristine coastal waters and golden-hued sands that emit a moist aroma and entice visitors with their palpable tranquility. There are several other islands that comprise the Lamu archipelago and visitors can discover them at their own pace or book guided day tours for a more informed sightseeing experience. The best way to explore the beaches of Lamu are by taking an inexpensive dhow( a small sailing vessel with lateen sails) trip along the pristine and attractive Manda Island, Matondoni Kiwayu, and the Takws ruins. There are a few eco-tourism trip companies like Nature + Culture that entwine beach trips with sightseeing sessions of the adjoining coastal villages.

Lamu Beach and Shela Beach

The closest and most popular beach of the main Lamu Town is the Lamu beach, a calm spot surrounded by lush mangroves and palm trees. Another great haunt is the Shela Beach-located in a small and charming medieval village of the island. It takes approximately 15 minutes to arrive here in a dhow or 45 minutes by foot. The walk is extremely pleasant and enjoyable and lets you discover the small pleasures that make the culture of Lamu highly enduring despite several attempts to it dilute with other ethnic influences. The beach is charmingly secluded and has several restaurants nestled in the neighborhood that serve lip-smacking sea food.

Manda Island

Manda island has several sparsely populated beaches that can be accessed from Lamu City conveniently by a dhow. Visitors can feast on delicious potato croquettes or samosas that are sold here by innumerable pesky but friendly hawkers. The Manda Toto, just outside Manda island houses a lovely exotic beach with its quirky shells and cerulean waters. This place is fantastic for sunbathing. A trip to the opposite side of Lamu will take you to Kipungani that has a superb array of eateries.

Lamu is one of those few off-beat destinations that are blessed with both abundant pristine coastal wonders and a culturally endowed identity. The best thing about the island is that its beaches are virtually empty all year round and provide genuine vacation relaxation amidst peaceful settings.

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