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mwazaro beach mangrove lodge

mwazaro beach mangrove lodge

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It sometimes seams as if the Swahili Coast is not part of Kenya at all. The culture of the Coast is a unique mix of African Bantu and Arab Muslim influences, a combination created by Arab traders who arrived on the Kenyan Coast before the 7th Century. By the 12th Century, permanent settlements were formed, and the Arabs took root. Arab men took African women as wives, and the Swahili people were born. Of course communication was necessary, so Kiswahili arose from the mixing of Africans’ tribal tongues and the traders’ Arabic.

The Coast is a main attraction for travelers. The white sand beaches are a beautiful place to dive, snorkel, or just relax. There are beaches just north and south of Mombasa, the “capital” of the Kenyan Coast. The best beaches, however, are farther north, near Malindi and Watamu National Marine Parks, and farther north still to the island of Lamu. The cities and towns themselves are attractions, ancient towns that emanate history and culture.

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