Sights in Kenya

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Kenya is nature’s dearest daughter. Kenya Sights consist of rainy tropical forests, salty lakes, golden calm beaches and a huge vibrant wildlife.

National Parks

Kenya is the heart of Africa in terms of wildlife. With national forests and sanctuaries galore it is the best place on earth to come close to wildlife. Masai-Mara is the most visited and famous national park in the world. From July to October, the rain and the fresh grass in the north of Kenya attract 1.3 million animals to a single massive area. This vast wildlife crosses the border and crowds into Mara. Thousands of animals crossing River Mara, plunging forward through the currents of the water and the waiting crocodiles is a spectacle in itself. Mara is the Kingdom of African lion and they truly rule this grassland. Cheetahs, hyena and jackals are also common sights in Mara. Masai Mara is very well equipped with lodges and hotels to cater to all types of tourists. Amboseli National Reserve is the home to the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro and the beautiful natural lakes attract huge numbers of adventurers to this forest reserve. This reserve is famous for African elephants and birds. You will also find giraffe, cheetah and lion in this reserve. The lovely waterbuck, impala and gazelle deer adds to the natural beauty of the forest. Apart from these 2 you can also visit Laikipia, Tsavo, Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba national parks.


Kenya has some fascinating natural lakes. Lake Nakuru is a soda water lake and is home to lovely long necked flamingoes. It also attracts white and black rhinos and some other big mammals. Lake Turkana is the world’s largest alkaline lake, spreading across Kenya and Ethiopia. The Central Land in this lake is an active volcano. Nile crocodiles are found in large numbers in this lake. The sudden gutsy winds are very frequent in this area. Lake Victoria is Africa’s biggest lake and a freshwater lake. It spreads over three countries namely Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. This lovely blue lake is a treat for the eye.


Kenya is a country of nature’s contrast. The mountains are a stark contrast from the forests and lowlands. Mt. Kenya is the highest peak of Kenya and it’s a trekker’s delight. The mighty and tricky slopes attract hundreds of mountaineers from all across the globe. The rarest thing on earth, equatorial snow, can be seen at the peak of this mountain. Mt. Longonot is a dormant volcano. The big crater is home to some thousands of wildlife. Mt. Elgon and Shimba Hill have plenty of African elephants and are 2 great destinations for adventurous trekkers. 

Other Destinations

Apart from forests, mountains and lakes, Kenya offers some beautiful tropical beaches and Islands. Diani Beach is a heaven for visitors who want to relax and enjoy. Shimoni with many coastal caves is a great place for fishing. Lamu is a lovely slow tropical island still preserving its medieval style of living. 

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