Voi and Taita Hills in Tsavo N.P.

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The town of Voi on the Mombasa highway is the base for exploring Tsavo. It's the major transportation hub between Mombasa and Nairobi, and you'll be able to get a bus to either city from here. You can try also to get a lift with a truck, just walk out of Voi onto the highway. If you stay in Voi, try the Voi Restpoint Hotel (# (0147) 2079).

In between Tsavo West and East lies the beautiful Taita Hills. The flora is some of the most scenic in Kenya, and wildlife is plentiful, especially birds and monkeys. There are two lodges in the Taita Hills: The Taita Hills Lodge and the Salt Lick Lodge. Both are on A23 west of Voi. If you're a backpacker looking to do some trekking in Taita Hills, email my friend Scott Sweet at mwakio1@yahoo.com. Tell him you read by page and you would like some information on trekking in the area. He will tell you the best places to hike and how to access them.

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