Who to climb with in Mount Kenya N.P.

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Trekkers have many options in who to go with. Experienced climbers may want to go by themselves, or with only one guide. Others may want to book at package deal with a travel company, which would entitle you to a whole group of guides, cooks and porters. You are not required to be accompanied by a guide like you are on Mt. Kilimanjaro, but obviously it is a good reason for inexperienced climbers.

If you are a bit unsure of your physical limits or trekking knowledge and you have the extra money to use, book your climb through a tour company. Mt. Kenya is not an easy hike, so don’t take anything for granted. Any tour agency in Nairobi (as well as in Naro Moru) can set up an organized climb for as many people as needed. This will include a guide and enough porters to carry all of your needed food and gear. Porters double as cooks and all your meals will be taken care of. Hot drinks will await you at your next camp, as the loaded-down porters go ahead of the group to set up in advance. I Nairobi, arrange trip with Lets Go Travel (# (02) 340331) or The Mountain Rock Tours & Adventure Safaris (# (02) 210051).

Of course it’s possible to do the mountain without help. Never climb alone, but if you are in a group of experienced trekkers, you may not need any help. The trail is fairly clearly marked, so if you’re proficient in using maps, you may not need a guide. If you feel like taking one just in case, or hiring a few porters to ease your load a bit, you can hire them independently, without going through a travel company. The best way to do this is to hire them at the town at which you start. There are many qualified candidates who approach tourists in Naro Moru, Nanyuki, and Chogoria that are willing to accompany you for a small fee. Your best bet, however, would be to go to any tourist lodge and hire guides or porters from there. If you’re starting from Naro Moru, check at the Naro Moru River Lodge. Expect to pay guides about KSh 500 per day and porters KSh 300 per day. Remember that if you descend the mountain using a different route, you will have to pay for their transportation back to where you started. Make sure you make all you plans clear to your guides and porters before you agree on a price.

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