Day Trips in Masai Mara N.R.

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Masai Mara is one of Kenya’s most thrilling national parks and big game reserves and presents an array of day trip options for visitors keen on discovering the often chronicled wild spirit of East Africa.

Ngomongo Crater

Take a Ngomongo Crater Safari that gives visitors the opportunity of viewing fascinating predators in the backdrop of the region’s diverse topography of grasslands, lakes, savannas and breathtaking craters. Ngomongo houses the rare black rhino, thousands of pink flamingos and gigantic hippos that frequent the swamps of the park. The spectacular pride of lions is worth experiencing for their sheer magnificence. The region is also an exotic cultural hub that is inhabited by more than ten Tribal settlements who offer a brilliant snapshot of a rustic lifestyle and rudimentary customs.


Serengeti is one of the greatest parks on earth to view a thrilling annual migration phenomena. More than two million humongous mammals move across the grass plains in a circular trail to offer a spectacular wildlife vista. The large groups of mammals pave the way for abundant predators and game spotting activities. The region is inhabited by a large number of lions, cheetahs, leopards, wolves, hyenas and a host of other untamed carnivores.

Mountain Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is a beautiful snow-covered mountain that fleetingly brushes the clouds and offers one of the most beautiful sights in the continent. The mountain is the largest free-standing mountain in the world and vertically spans across five kilometers. This is a must do inclusion in the day trips of surrounding safaris. The mountain features several hiking trails for all levels of proficiency and offers a fabulous view of the wild African elephants from the adjoining Amboseli National Park.

Shimba Hills Reserve

Shimba Hills is a stunning stretch of coconut and cashew plantations that boasts of a rich topography and lush landscape. The tropical forest and unadulterated atmosphere provides the ideal ambiance for a refreshing getaway. Shimba Forest lodge is a great place to watch the endangered raon antelope, herds of wild elephants and wild buffaloes.     

Lamu Island

A scheduled flight can take visitors on a day trip to Lamu, a pristine island and one of the country’s oldest towns that exudes a rich legacy of ancient ruins and virgin beaches. Some beaches boast of abundant coral reefs and are super destinations for snorkeling.  

Masai Mara is strategically located to offer innumerable day trip opportunities to make the most of the famed East African wilderness.

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