Top 5 Must Do's in Nairobi

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While visiting Nairobi, you'll find endless opportunities for adventure. Whether you're exploring Nairobi National Park or immersing yourself in the culture, here are some must do's while visiting this beautiful place.

1. Nairobi National Park

Established in 1946, this was the first national park for Kenya. Located approximately 5 miles from Nairobi's city center, this National Park has a large and wide ranging selection of wildlife. Whether you are interested in flora, fauna, birds, giraffes, or zebras you will see it all in this national treasure. The park has over 400 species of bird-life recorded, has one of the most successful Rhino sanctuaries, and offers walking trails to the hippo pools. This unique national park is unfenced and literally situated on the edge of Nairobi city (views of the city can be seen from some of the grass plains), and is one of the few areas in the world where you can spot a black rhino in its natural habitat. Other attractions include: Annual wildebeest and zebra migration, lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs, eland, buffalo,  the Ivory Burning Site Monument, Safari Walks, the Orphanage, and picnic sites.

2. African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW)

Betty Leslie Melville founded the AFEW in 1974, and began the first successful project of raising endangered Rothschild giraffes here. From 1974, Betty has taken the number of Rothschild giraffes from 130 to 300. Also known as the Giraffe Center, this non profit provides support for environmental education programs to aid in the conservation of wildlife. This sanctuary is not only educational, but it is fun for the whole family. Some of the attractions here include: The Giraffe Centre Birds Sanctuary, an indigenous 100 acre forest of dry upland to show what was once the natural forest of Nairobi. Nature Walks, Bird Walks, Tree identification walks, Botanical walks, and the best part is that you can touch and be photographed with the endangered giraffes in their natural habitat.

3. Aberdare National Park

Located about 60 miles north of Nairobi is the sprawling Aberdare National Park, covering an area of approximately 400 square miles of untouched land, and forms part of the Aberdare Mountain Range. Many species of wildlife can be seen within the park such as lions, leopards, baboons, Colobus monkeys, sykes monkeys, golden cats, bongos, elands, and black rhinos. Visitors are allowed to trout fish in the rivers and are allowed to camp in the moorlands. However, most visitors come to Aberdare National Park to stay in the tree house lodge, or better known as "the Ark". The ark is build in the shape of Noah's Ark, and provides excelling nighttime wildlife viewing. If you have ever wanted to spend the night in the jungle and fall asleep to the sounds of exotic animals, this is the place.

4. Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum gives a unique look at the culture and heritage of Nairobi. The institution manages three World Heritage Sites, 22 museums, and over a hundred sites and monuments across the country. The National Museum is located on Museum Hill about 10 minutes from the city center. The NNM houses some of the most exciting and celebrated collections of history, culture, and art from Kenya. Don't miss the floor exhibit that contains footprints depicting man's ancestors through the ages.

5. Bomas of Kenya

Started by the Kenyan Government in 1971, the company was established to preserve, maintain, and promote the rich diverse cultural values of various ethnic groups of Kenya, and to act as a tourist attraction centre where visitors can see these cultural values portrayed in their purest form. There are 37 different traditional dances collected from the different tribes of Kenya here. Creating cultural awareness for the tribes of Kenya is essential here. At Bomas you get a tour of a "miniature Kenya", where each of Kenya's major ethnic groups are represented. Bomas hosts many attractions such as traditional dances and songs, living museum, picnic sites, playground, soccer grounds, and the largest amphitheatre in Africa seating 3,500 guests.

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Sabina Joy

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Also for those who wish to engage with the local night life, visit Sabina Joy off Moi Avenue next to Ambassador Hotel.

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