Safety in Nairobi

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Nairobi is notorious for petty crime. It’s important to never walk anywhere at night and to avoid bad parts of town at all times of the day. Be wary of people offering you taxi rides.

As general rule, everywhere West of Moi Ave. is safe during the day. As you go East of Moi, however, Nairobi becomes more dangerous. Tom Mboya St. is moderately risky, and it gets increasingly more so as you go eastward. The infamous River Road and everything east of it is the most dangerous part of town. However, it can be enlightening, fun, and sometimes necessary to see this bustling part of town. If you’re smart, you will have no trouble on River Road. Don’t wear any jewelry, keep a firm grip on your bag if you must carry one, and never take anyone’s invitation to enter a building. Use your common sense.

The ghettos surrounding the city, such as Mathare and Kibera, are some of the poorest slums in the world. Needless to say, if you venture into one, you will be lucky if you escape in nothing but your underpants. Also, be wary of the parks in Nairobi, as thugs love to gather and work there. Watch yourself and only enter if necessary. Dangerous parks include Central Park and Uhuru park west of Uhuru Highway, and Jeevanjee Gardens on Muindi Mbigu St.

The traditional tourist circuit like the Nairobi Museum, Giraffe Center, Animal Orphanage, etc are not safe from petty crime either. There have also been come cases of armed robbery (in daylight) in traditionally safer neighborhoods of Nairobi. Watch out for unscrupolous children on intersections and on the highways. Never encourage beggars or roll down your windows. Beware of people coming up to you, to offer assistance.

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