Getting Around in Nairobi

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Mosque in Nairobo

Mosque in Nairobo

Hans-Peter Harmsen

Nairobi is not a huge city and most places in town can be reached by walking less than 20 minutes. Moi Avenue is Nairobi's major road inside the city, spliting it neary in half. It is intersected by Kenyatta running West to East. It's nice to walk around some in Nairobi to get a taste of the city. It is fairly easy to navigate, and if you ever get lost, just duck into a shop to ask directions or check your map.

To reach places outside of town, you can take a bus, matatu, or taxi. There are very many buses and matatus in Nairobi, so getting on the right one can be a bit confusing. Ask some one at your hotel which number to take, and where to get it. Most stages are in a bad part the capital, so be careful. For traveling in the Nairobi area, expect to pay KSh 20-30.

Taxis are the easiest way to get around Nairobi, but they can be very expensive. As a general rule, expect to pay KSh 200 to get around town, even if it's only two blocks. A trip outside of town, such as to the airport, could cost up to KSh 1,000. Be sure to bargain fares with drivers--their first offer is hight than what they will eventually accept.

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