Mum`s Cybercafe

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We are a spacious,customer friendly internet cafe located

10 km from city of Nairobi in a Surbub called Buruburu.We are at the heart of

the surbub at the shopping centre in a building called Vision place 2nd floor

Room 8 next to Uchumi Buruburu. We have fast speeds on 12 workstations as we have upgraded and gotten a downlink service with the reknowed Newskies satellite.

We offer internet,printing,International faxing,international calls,scanning,chat service and Webcams 

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price:Kshs 60 per hour
hours:We open from Monday to Sunday from 0800 hrs to 2130 hrs
address:P.O.BOX 1023-00621 Nairobi, 00621, Kenya

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