Budget Travel Ideas in Nairobi

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These days, nearly everyone is on a budget. This doesn’t mean that you have to scrimp on enjoying yourselves and your vacations! Traveling to Nairobi, Kenya can be an amazing experience without emptying your wallet.  


Nairobi is known for its’ safaris. Safaris that are chauffeured in Land Rovers and buses can get fairly pricey. Roughing it in the wilderness in a tent not only saves you money but it also gives the most intimate safari, allowing tourists to be up close and personal with nature. Tent safaris range from one to nine nights and pricing depends on the number of people in the party. These safaris travel through the African wilderness; tourists get to view wildlife such as giraffes, rhinos, migratory birds, lions, leopards and more.  

Nairobi National Museum 

The Nairobi National Museum is located on the Museum Hill and is the home to a wide variety of historical artifacts from all over Kenya and East Africa. Exhibitions supported by the National Museum are the Ecology of Kenya, Natural Diversity, Human Origins, Mammalian Radiation and Geology. There is a small fee upon entry but that is well worth it as this museum provides an extremely diverse look at the history, development and culture of Nairobi and Kenya.  


Kenya’s capital is home to a number of hostels which are a great way to save money on accommodations when trying to vacation on a budget. All offering exceptionally low rates, a hostel will seem like a luxury resort if you’re already roughing it on a safari! The Kenya Bed and Breakfast is located in the suburbs of Nairobi. Family owned and run, this hostel gives travelers the option of a single room, a room sleeping up to four or a family guest house which sleeps five. Other amenities this hostel provides are free transportation to the city center (a great location for shopping with one of the largest malls in the area), free breakfast and unlimited travel advice. Other hostels in Nairobi include the Jambo Hostel, the Kariaria House and the Hostel Boulevard, all of which are located in surrounding suburbs, allowing a peaceful stay away from the busy city. The Meridian Court Hotel and the CPA Center are both located in the heart of the bustling city which will help you save on transportation if your activities are located within the fast-paced city center.
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